Corporate Profile

About Us
PT Batam Slop and Sludge Treatment Centre (PT BSSTEC) is Indonesia’s leading organization for zero waste initiatives in the maritime industry. Besides strategically located on the island of Batam, Indonesia, our dedicated waste management plant is equipped with industry leading pyrolysis technologies to give PT BSSTEC the competitive edge in the management and treatment of marine waste such as slop and sludge, tank cleaning, oil refineries and maritime related projects in the region.

Since our establishment, we have been working closely with various prominent port reception facilities in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia for the proper disposal of marine waste such as slop and sludge. Today, we remain committed to continue to develop partnerships with similar businesses and facilities to further advance the cause for proper marine waste management and zero waste initiatives.

Our People
You can always count on the team at PT BSSTEC!

We have dedicated, trained and professional team members with years of industry experience in the fields of management, operations, technical, administration and support, striving to support different maritime needs with our in-depth industry knowledge. Together with our people who place strong emphasis on integrity to give full assurance that our standards and services are akin to the industry’s best, PT BSSTEC continues to attract vast interests as well as investments from around the region.

Our Affiliated Companies
Besides marine waste management services offered by PT BSSTEC, our affiliated companies own and manage various maritime related ventures, including numerous oil tankers of various tonnage, to provide the following specialised and professional services to the industry:
• Oil Trading
• Bunkering
• Ship Chandlering
• Marine Supplies
• Ship-to-Ship Break
• Bulk Port Operations
• Oil Refineries Collaborations